About me


My name is Christina. I Work full time as a bookkeeper and I am a mom to a 6 year old boy. I’m married on 10 years. I live in the Northen part of Denmark in Aalborg.

My love for yarn and crocheting startet a few years ago when a really good friend showed and told me that she used crocheting to reduce stress. At the time I needed something to do in the evenings. I had just lost my mother and needed something to do to get through the pain.

At the time I thought  it only was going to be a phase to get through the stress and pain, but I found love in yarn, crocheting and expressing that love in patterns.

Many of my ideas comes from, my son, my Family and from all the pictures on Pinterest and Facebook or from other bloggers .

In that past I have crochet without writing it down, so I have a lot of patterns in my head that just need to get out on paper or in this case on the blog for you all to enjoy.

I hope you will find some inspiration in the patterns that I post and that your love for yarn and crocheting will grow together with mine.

You are always welcome to contact me via E-mail: madewithlovebymrsc@gmail.com

Love MrsC.