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I just can’t believe it, I have finished my first Christmas gift. Wohuuuu..!!! ☺

We were at a birthday some weekends ago where my cousin and I were talking about what we are knitting and crocheting at the moment. My cousin said she was a bit tiered of doing dishcloths. She is very new in the knitting world so she has been doing a lot of dishcloths to learn the different techniques.

I have never done dishcloths because I have found the thought of just doing squares for no reason was a bit too tedious. But I know that it is a way a lot of crocheters and knitters lean how to crochet and knit, but that just isn’t me. I want to make things that I know will be used. My grandmother head my cousin and I talk and she suggested that I make some dishcloths for her.  

I was fast to dismiss it because I’m just not a dishcloth kind of girl. Then again when I think about it and I must say, if I can make my grandmother happy but making a bunch of different dishcloths for her that would be great. I would make her happy. 🙂

I started looking at my yarn stash to see what I had that I could use. For dishcloths the color doesn’t matter (not to me at least) So I found some different colors that I didn’t know what I should use for at the moment. A pink and orange yarn that was given to me by Mayflower in one of their “pindeven” boxes. I found some leftover red and orange too. It is not a colors that I would normally use. But for dishcloths it would be great.

With the 2 skins of pink/orange, a red skin and a leftover orange skin i had, I have made 4 dishcloths in 2 different patterns. One in the pattern Seed stitch (the pink/orange) and three in a rib pattern with hdc (red). Both patterns are really easy and something everybody can do.

You need 100% cotton yarn, about 1 skins (50g/160m) for each dishcloths and a 2,5 mm hook.

Seed stitch
  1. Row. start with a chain of 70.
  2. Row start with 1sc in the second ch from the hook, 1dc, “1sc, 1dc” continue to the end
  3. Row ch 1, 1sc in the dc below, 1 dc in the sc below – continue to the end.
  4. Continue with this until you have a square size you like.

You just have to remember to do the sc in the dc from the row before and the dc in sc the row below. When you get a few rows up you can see the difference in the stitches. The stitch you have to make the dc in is a bit bigger than the stitch you have to make the sc in. This will show it’s self pretty fast.

Rib Pattern
  1. Row start with a chain of 72
  2. Row make 1 dc in the 3. Ch from the hook but only in the back loop, continue to the end. The last dc can be made in both loops, this will give the cloth a better finish.
  3. Turn and ch 2, dc in each stitch
  4. Continue with row 3 until you have the size you like.

You can do this in dc, hdc or even sc depending on how small you want the rib effect. The red I made here is in hdc. My dc stitches just get too lose.


This is one of those things that you easily can use your scrap yarn for.


Love MrsC.

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