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A wedding couple

Wedding gift

I was at my best friends wedding this past wewkend. Finally after almost 15 years with the guy. 🙂 Ever since she told me she was getting married I have been thinking about what to make for her and her husband.

She crochet herself so I know she will look at my work differently then others. I also know she’ll know how much work that has been put in to what I gave her, so I did this little couple as a part of the gift for them.

I had a lot of ideas. First I wanted to make a blanket with there names on, wedding date and so on. Thinking that a blanket would take A LOT of time I though a pillow with there initials or wedding date could be a idea. Again making graphgans just takes me a lot longer then I want to and I didn’t want to start someting that I couldn’t finish in time.

I went to google and looked for any other ideas. I found a lot of pictures of The Monkey I made earliere this year as a wedding couple but since I just made the Monkey I wasn’t up of yet another monkey. But the idea of a couple stuck with me.

Ever since I started to crochet I have been in love with this pattern from a danish site of a kissing Santa and Mrs Claus. So I came up with the idea to use this pattern and just change the color of the clothes.

Since I’m not good at making things specific for the holidays, I knew I’ll never get it done as a Santa and Mrs Claus. So this was a great way for me to use a pattern I loved and then making it my own.

Making the wedding couple

To begin with I was just going to change the color of the clothes and then  skip the head peaces that they are wearing in the pattern.

I ended up changing a bit more then that, but still in the small adjustments.

Change to the bride:

I made the dress on the bride wider then the pattern but not much because I still needed them to stand close and kiss.

I gave her some hair, and a lot of it. 🙂 The hair makes the bride look like my girlfriend.

I had my aunt make the vail. She is a lot better at the detailed things then I am. 🙂 The vail is made in a technik that are called Tatting (orkis in danish). Which is a lot of knots tied together. I look really lovely.

Change to the groom:

Other the making all his clothe black, i embroidered his shirt onto the black. I thought I could make the shirt by making color changes but it got crooked and didn’t look very nice.

I make a edge on the jacket to show that it is a jacket and pants hi is wearing. I did that by making a sc all the way around the stomage and up in the middle of the chest and around the need of the groom.

Then I made a different hat for the groom. The hat is a round peace with 6 increases in every round. when it got the size I wanted, I made sc in each stitch but only in the back loop. This makes a scharp edge, then I sc until I had the hight of the hat. Again I sc in each stitch but this time in the front loop only. I increased once with 6 and made a extra round just sc in each stitch.

The hat is sewed on to the head, with a bit of stuffing inside.

I also made some eyes and a mouth on the both of them, which wasn’t a part of the original pattern. I feelt like they were missing a face, so I made a red mouth and som eyelids. They now stand with closed eyes kissing. I ended up sowing them together at the nose because of her hair she was a bit heavy in the head and it tiped backwords. Sewing them together I got more hold on her head.

For a fun part of the gift I made this Adam and Eva as beer can cover for them as well. Together with som Ribbon yarn (from a magazine and a crochet basket. Now they have a little something for a nice evening. She can crochet and he can drink a beer or two and read the magazine.. 🙂

The wooden board with the names, wedding date and so on is from They make the moste beautiful memory plates in wood and metal.

I love how the couple ended up and my girlfrind did TOO…!!! <3


Love Mrsc.

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