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Getting home from vacation


Getting home from vacation

Not getting much done – or at least not getting much finished lately.

I have been on vacation and after we got home I have starte a large project up. I started a graphgan for my father, read more about it in “graphgan in the making”. I have startet some graphgans up before but have only finished a small one for a pillow. I stille have two laying around someware that I probably never will get done. Making graphgans a just time consuming. All the color changes just makes the process much longer, at least it dose for me.  🙂

Going on our vacation I decide not to crochet when my son was awake. I just wanted to spent time with my son and husband and I din’t even miss my yarn one bit or that is not quit true, I did miss it a bit, but not until we were on the plain home. 🙂

I did have my yarn with my ( I don’t go anywhere without it) but only for the plain ride and fore the evenings. I had hoped I could crochet in the evenings when my son was to sleep but I only got to crochet on the 4 hour plan ride from home to Rhodos. On the plain ride home I was to tried to crochet.

Even with 4 hours quiet plain ride I din’t crochet that much. I only got 12 small granny squares done. But then I have dose 12 less to do now.. 🙂 Everything matters when we are talking about 1800 squares before the blanket is ready to assemble.

The small squares I did on the plain ride is for the Ninja Turtle blanket that I have been working on the last few month. I have made some of the squares, but there are stille along way to go. I also still have some decisions to make. I need to decide what color background I need around the turtles heads. Right now i only have about 200 squares done and that is only fore the turtle faces.

I asked my son what color he would like as background and the answer was blue. I had hoped for white, but now I’m not sure. The plan is to make all the turtles faces and the when they are sewed together I’ll see what color will look the best with alle the greens.

Next week I have a 4 hour train ride in front of me and my plan is to take the small suares with my so I can get some more done. My problem with this project is that I don’t have a deadline. Right now the only deadline is my son waking up one day not liking Ninja Turtles anymore. 🙂 and I really like making my graphgan at the moment, even with that little I get done on it every evening I can see the progress.

What I like with the  small granny squares is that they are easy to take with my everywhere. So the graphgan is evening work at home and the squares are a on the go project.

What do you all have one your hooks at the moment..??

Love MrsC.

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