Gift · Graphgan · July 2017

Graphgan in the making

My dad

My dad is turning 60 next year, and I want to give him something that he’ll use and like. Looking at who my dad is and knowing what he loves I didn’t have any problem in finding a idea.

He love motorcycles a specially Harley Davidson. His love for Harley Davidson has grown over the years. When I was a kid a Harley Davidson was the ultimative dream bike for him. So when my mom died a few years ago he got the opportunity to buy one. He startede out with a small model but have upgraded once or twice since his first Harley.

Idea to gift

So I knew that it had to be something with the Harley Davidson logo on. So knowing that it was going to be a graphgan I just had to decide how big a project it was going to be and how much time I had to set aside to it.

I spent a lot of time looking after a Harley Davidson logo and believe me there are many different kinds of logos with the name Harley Davidson. When you have to make a text into a graphgan and you aren’t as experienced it is easier to finde a text that are very clean cut with straight lines. You have to have in minded that making the diagram for pattern the pattern will be in pixels.

This is the picture I found. The original picture had a border on it that I cut away because I know how to do that. I only did the pattern for the text. I saved on printing like this.



For most of my graphgans i use stitchfiddle to make a picture into a pattern. This blog post will help you use Stitchfiddle if you have never used it before.

I put this picture into stitchfiddle and change a few things. I change the amount of colors from 10 to 2 and the pixel size. I had measured one of my earlier corner-2-corner blankets to find out how many pixels I needed for size. For this I need a pattern that was around 210 pixels by 80 pixels with my border.

After getting the pattern in pixels I had to make a few more changes to the pattern to make the letters more evened and symmetric this was done pretty quickly and there were only a few pixels that needed to change color from black to white or the other way around.


You may think that I started in a very good time, and yes that might be true but I know myself well enough to know that with a year I might not get done anyway. 🙂 I need a lot of time fora graphgan because I know I’ll get bored with it at some point and will need a break from it. And I know there will come other project on the way that will have shorter deadliens.

Right know my deadline is august 2nd 2018 where my dad will turn 60 years. Even if I feel right now that I have come far I can still see there a long way to go.

Love MrsC.

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