Birthday · June 2017

Star Wars and Lightsabers

Birthday party

My son have yet again been the inspiration for a crocheting project. Not sure he’ll like the fact when he gets older. 🙂  His love for Star Wars has not yet desapeired so the theme of this years birthday party just had to be Star Wars.

I Denmark you are in kindergarten until the year you turn 6 years, then you’ll start in school August of that year. Therefor this would be my son’s last birthday with the kindergarten. I his kindergarten they are divided into groups according to their age. The oldest kids are the ones that are starting school in august. Half of these kids are some my son will be together with for the next 10 years in school.

I his kindergarten it is costume to have the kids from there group home for a little birthday party together with the adults from the kindergarten. This is usually just a few hours before lunch. This was also the plan this year, but my son have been sick the last couple of days with a fever. We had to move the celebration to the kindergaten.

Because of my sons birthday being in July where most in Denmark are on vacation. We have the last couple of years had his party in June before the vacation begins.

The theme

Last year my son LOVED The Avengers so the theme of that birthday party was super heroes. This year his love is Star Wars – so I have been buying plastic cups, plates and napkins with Star Wars pictures on. Even the little goody bag for the kids with a little candy in had to be Star Wars related.

Normally we would move the dinner table out of the dining room to have 19 kids over for lunch. This year because my son was ill we moved the party to the kindergarten. I brought all the things I bought, plastic cups, plates and napkins together with the food that I bought. This was the kids would get hotdogs, cake and a candy bag.

From idea to finish.

A month ago I decided that the theme needed something more. I wanted something that I knew they wouldn’t get at other birthdays. So I went to Google a look for something I could crochet of each kid. Knowing that there is 11 boys and 8 girls coming for a birthday party with Star Wars theme. It had to be something that was easy and quick to make and something I could make 19 of without dreading it.

At the beginning I wanted to make a little Princess Lea for the girls and a Darth Vader for the boys. But looking at all the pictures on Google I quickly came to the conclusion that they were too detailed to make within a month.

On one of the pictures I had found, the little Darth Vader had a lightsaber. Looking at that picture and knowing that my son LOVES lightsabers I just had to make some lightsabers.

I quickly decided that was it. They are easy to make and can be made in whatever color you like. Knowing a bit about Star Wars and having a son and husband that loves it. I knew I could to make some red, green and blue sabers.

From the beginning I wanted to keep this a surprise for my son but one day he found the test that I had made in pink. And he asked what that was for. He loved the idea when I told him. Right away I was told that pink was not a real color of a lightsabers. I told him that it was just a test and that I would make some in blue and red. He then decided that the red was for the girls and blue was for the boys.

The parttern

I used 100% cotton yarn.

You need the color of you choose and some black for the handle.

I start with the color of the saber, because my closing off itn’s always so preaty.

  1. round: making 6 sc in a magic ring
  2. round: increase with 6 (12)
  3. to 30. round make 12 sc in each round (12)
  4. stuff
  5. Change color
  6. make 14 round with black (12 sc in each round)
  7. stuff
  8. Decrease with 6.
  9. close off.
  10. Sew a red and a green cross stitch as a “botton” on the handle.  I did this by making a cross stitch with a red a lot of times on top of each other and then did the same with the green.

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