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Big Octopus

Making a project bigger

I was asked by a friend of the family if I could make an octopus with long tentacles for a boy at one year old. I started out making it after the pattern that I have from that I have use many times before.

Making the tentacles longer was easy enough but it just didn’t look right. I asked if it would be okay to make the octopus bigger in general, because it looked so wrong with the small octopus and the long “arms”. Since the boy that is going to get it, is one year old I think it is okay to make the octopus bigger.

I then took an another thread and started up again. So by using 2 threads I got a “big” octopus that looks lovely even with some longer tentacles. I used the same pattern at I always use from I just used two treads and a hook 4mm.

The squid got a much better size for some longer tentacles and in my opinion making it with the two threads are a great size for a toddler. So this could be a great gift for a big brother or sister to a new born.


It took me about 4 hours to make the squid from start to finish with two threads so it is also a super easy and fast little gift to make.

Here is how I got started and where with the octopus and jellyfish.

Pattern in other languages

The pattern has been translated in to English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese so it is just to get going.

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    1. Yes I do, but it is not updatet at the moment so there are only two patterns in the shop. IF you look under PATTERN SHOP here on the page you get a link.

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