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Doctor Who – Bookmark

The Tardis

Making this small and detailed bookmark of the Tardis from Doctor Who, was a bigger challenge then I thought when I started it.

As many times before I started my search on Pinterest on “Crochet doctor Who”. I had a idea of a bookmark so it had to be something small. I found a picture of the Tardis made with beads.

I used the picture as pattern and crochet the black and blue parts in sc. I think it is hard to get the color change pretty if you only have one stitch in every color. It was easier to make the background and then the details after.

This was not easy to make in any way, even with just the two colors, but I got it done. It is by far the prettiest think I ever made, but I can see what it is, and I how the recipient likes it.

This is the first project that I have startet over and over again, at least 10 times or so. Normally I get it the way I want after a few tries. But no matter what I did it turn out crooked or looking very wrong. I just couldn’t get the color changes to look right or get it to have the right shape.

I finally ended up with something that looked like the Tardis.

I made the background in black and blue sc and then sewed on the white windows withe cross stitches and a black line to show the other squares on the doors. (a bit hard to see on the is picture)

This has by far been on of the hardest projects I ever done, mostly because it had to be so small and detailed at the same time. I hope this will give you some inspiration on a bookmark.

Hope you enjoy

Love MrsC.

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