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Handbag made of granny squares

Do you know how easy it is to make a handbag.? I didn’t. I have made plenty of granny squares in my crocheting life, but only for blankets. With just 17 squares you kan make a really beautiful handbag.

There are a lot of different granny squares. They are more or less made with the same techniques and I just love how fast an easy they are to make. I LOVE that you with small changes can make squares that look so different from each other and still end up with squares that fit together and look good together. 

I have fallen in love with this granny square and used it for a lot of different tings, mostly blankets. It is easy to make and there are a lot of videos on on how to make it. I used this video more then once.


I have now found out that it is very easy to make handbags from the same square that I before used for blankets. This handbag was a gift for a teenager in the family.




What I did:

I made 17 squares and sew them together link from Pinterest shows in this link

I crochet my squares together on the bag in the front loop only with sc. This gives a great pattern on the front of the handbag and hides the assembly inside the bag.

Before crocheting the bag together I had a friend, that are really good with a sewing machine, sew in the fabric on the inside. I had her do it because I’m really not good with a sewing machine and my own is out of order at the moment. After having the sewing part done I crochet the last squares together on the inside, making the bag.

The original plan was to get a ledder handel for the bag and to sew on some metal rings for the handels. I had a hard time finding the ones I wanted so I tried crocheting them instead. This endes up a LOT better then I ever expected.

I crochet hdc all the way around the top of the bag. The first round I dit in the back loop only. The next I just did in both loops.

Hope you enjoy.

 Love MrsC.

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