May 2017

Too many projects on the hook

Getting project finished

You probably all know the this. You get an idea to a project and start it. Right when you are in the middle of it, a new idea comes in to your head and you just have to start that right away. Now you have two projects on your hooks and then you see a picture of THAT dress, blanket or teddy that you always dreamed of making and you just have to start it, RIGHT NOW.

After some time you look at you craft corner (assuming everyone has a corner for their yarn ☺ ) and you suddenly have 5-6 or maybe even more project laying around that needs to be finished.

Have you ever been in that situation..?? I have plenty of times. Right now is one of them. At the moment I have 5 projects on different hooks.

  1. A graphgan blanket with the words “LOVE” on. This blanket I started just when I have crochet in three month so I started this back I march of 2014. I’m just over half way, so still have a LONG way to go.  (This picture is from July 2016)
  2. A blanket made of small granny squares. The small squares are going to make the four faces of the Ninja Turtles. I think I have made about 100 squares but I ned almost 2000 so I have a long way too go. I hope to get it done before my son doesn’t like the Turtles anymore. ☺ A boy at 6 years can change his mind quickly so maybe I’m already too late.
  3. I started a handbag in bobble stitches that I showed you a picture off in my “Make your own pattern with Stitchfiddle” I have the front done and almost the bottom and sides. But I came to
    think of that I need to have an inside to this bag too. Mostly because I need to have something in between to stiffen of the bag. This just made the project seem like a loooong way to go.
  4. I also have some octopuses that I’m making out of my scrap yarn. I think I have 4 that are almost done and only need the last finish before they are ALL done. Making things out of your scrap yarn is great but it will many times end up as a never ending. These octopuses are something I make for charity so it is something that I’ll never feel like I’m completely done with. So this is the one project that I’m okay with as a never ending project. I still have to get them done so I can give them to the babies that needs them. ☺
  5. Last but not least I got a great idea for a skirt just the other day. So now I’m throwing myself in to that. I have at the moment only made the ribbing. So long way here too.

Right now I feel like I need a deadline for some of this or else I’ll never get any of it done. I’m hoping the skirt can be done before vi go on vacation in July.  Then I can take it with me. ☺

When vacation come I need a project to take with me and I’m thinking that the Turtles blanket and the small squares could be a good travel project. So hoping that I can get a LOT of the squares done that week while laying by the pool.. ☺ But by that time I probably have a million other projects on the hook that are much more fun..

What to do about never ending projects

What have you found that works for you..??  What do you do to get your projects done so they don’t end up as never ending..?

I found that if I make rules for myself I’m more likely to get them done. This could be, that I’m not to start something new before a certain project is done or I’m not to starting something new before I finished all of the small projects that I laying around. This can help me to get things done.

Or simply put a deadline on the project that says I have to be done before a certain date. This deadline has to be realistic or else you’ll just not get it done anyway.

Just a few month ago I had 7-8 project that were on going. Most of them had a deadline so they were pretty easy to get done.

So I’m all about deadlines and rules. ☺

Love MrsC.

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