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Make your own pattern with Stitchfiddle

When you make your own pattern it can be great sometimes to get your idea of a pattern down on paper. I have many times done so with checked paper and MAN I have used a lot of paper over the years.

I have look at many different programs online to find one that could work as well as checked paper. Some time ago I found It is easy to use and you can either draw your own pattern, shape or designe or you can upload a picture. Below I’ll show you how.

How to use Stitchfiddle:

I had to make a heart for the projekt that i’m working on right now and used stitchfiddle to make it. I first tried to make the heart myself but ended up uploading a picture.

Go to Stitchfiddle

Here you can chose between Knitting, Cross stitch and crochet

For my designes I always use crochet 🙂

In the next page you can chose from:

  • Crochet with colors
  • Filet crochet (grid) or
  • Free from

I choose crochet with colors. To me that is the easiest way to look at a graph. But you can play with is as you see fit and find your own way.

Choosing crochet with colors you get:

  • My own design (this is where you can draw your own by design just by clicking on the squares in the grid.)
  • Upload a picture (find a picture you like, this can be one from Google or one you have taken yourself.)
  • QR code (I have not tried this yet ☺)

When you choose “my own design” you have to choose how big you want your chart. For this heart I made I had a wide of 35 bobbles so I made my chart 35×35 squares.

I started to draw the heart myself but it didn’t end up the way I wanted it, so I instead uploaded a picture that I found on Google. When you upload pictures the program chooses a size (100×100) for you to start with. You can however change it as you like after the upload.

When the picture is uploaded you’ll get the size at the top of you page. You can also change the number of colors to use.

My uploaded heart had 10 colors (default) to start with so I change it to 2 and then it came out like you see here. If you picture have a one colored background, it can be a good idea to change it to white just to save ink if you print your chart. I did a few adjustment to the sides of the heart to make the two sides equal.

I ended up with this pattern for my project.

What am I using the heart for:

The inspiration to this project comes from my own post “How to crochet a sweeper cover”. Making the bobble stitches for the cover I fell in love with the stitch. I came up with the idea to a bag when doing the bobble stitch.

Had I not made the cover in a bright yellow I properly would have ended up making a bag out of that instead. But yellow is not my color of chose for a bag. ☺

I when to my local yarn store where I found a nice denim blue color that I think will be perfect for a bag. I bought 8 skeins of the blue and two gray. I don’t know yet how much I’ll use for the bag now that it is something I don’t have a pattern for. I’ll have the pattern up when I’m done with the bag together with some more pictures of the bag.

When I started out with the bag I was just going to make it in one color but then when in the progress I felt that something was missing. I found a video on youtube about making graphs with bobble stitches and decided that a heart on the front of the bag would look lovely.

I then when to Stitch Fiddle to make my heart as you see it above and this is how it turned out in my project.


I’m pretty pleased with the result so far. The two colors goes well together and the stitches are easy and fast to make. Hope you’ll enjoy Stitchfiddle as much as I do.

Love Mrsc

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