April 2017 · Sweeper cover

How to crochet a sweeper cover

Crochet your own cover for your sweeper. Save money and have fun making them. Some time ago I ran out of store bought covers for my sweeper, and when I went out to buy some new ones I realized just how expensive there are. I simply decide that I could make them my self a lot cheaper.


What to use:

I started out by measuring my sweeper to find out how big my cover had to be. My sweeper measured 33 x 12 cm.

I used a 3,5 mm hook

Yarn: 100% cotton 4/8.

I ended up making my covers in three pieces, but now after I have done a few of them I believe it can be easier to do the cover in one piece. I’ll give you the three pieces version here, it is the one I have done the most and have experience with. You are welcome to try on the one piece version your self.

I used this video from youtube.

The crochet Pattern:

The front piece:

  1. Ch 71 (1 for turn)
  2. 1 sc in each ch, ch 1 (70)
  3. 1 sc in each stitch, ch 1 (70)
  4. 4 sc, *1 bobble stitch, 1 sc* repeat 31 times, 4 sc, ch 1 (70) (32 bobbles)
  5. 1 sc in each stitch, ch 1 (70)
  6. Repeat row 4 + 5 11 times (12 rows with bobbles)
  7. 1 sc in each stitch (70)
  8. Fasten off.

The back (make 2)

  1. ch 21 (1 for turn)
  2. 1 sc I each stitch (20)
  3. Repeat 26 times.

Crochet the 3 pieces together with sc. Remember to crochet the back pieces on laying on the bobbles so that when you turn the cover you hid the assembly. 

TIPS: If you have to make the cover smaller or larger you always have to remember that the number of stitches has to be divide by 2 + 1 for turning.
If I make the first chain as long as the mop, the cover will end up a bit bigger than the mop when done. But after the first wash I found that it fits.

Love Mrsc.

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