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Update on my last dance on the beach blanket

The journey

I actually finished this blanket a few weeks ago and I have been SO happy with the result, that I can’t believe I haven’t shared it with you all yet.

You probably read already in my earlier posts “the big project” or “New year resolution” that this has been on the way for more than 6 month now and it has been one of those projects that I have really LOVED but still have had a hard time getting done.

I hate, and I mean really hate when a project get boring, and to me that happens when you have to do the same over and over again. For example the border on this project, I love the pattern that a single crochet and a chain of one makes, but by GOD it get doll after some time.

Therefore has my “Last dance on the beach” ended up with a smaller border then the pattern original called for and I ended up make the last round a double crochet and a chain of one just to change up the work a bit.

I now have an all finished blanket that I love so much I just wanted to share it with you. This CAL  (crochet a long) has been a really good journey for me and I have learned SO SO much from this CAL. I have used almost all the techniques in other project after I started the CAL and I have really grown as a person and a crafter with this CAL. I am very grateful for all that this CAL has taught me.


Making this blanket and reading about how it became a CAL have made me think a lot about my own mother and who much I wish she could have seen me now. She herself was a very creative person (just not with a hook and yarn) she has, as long as I remember worked with flowers. Either with her own flower store or in other flower stores.

She has always made the flower arrangements for big parties in the family and they were ALWAYS a bit different then what you would expect. She always had a twist on how to make the arrangements THAT much nicer and more beautiful. Thinking about that, I can in so many ways, see her in me.

I will sit with a pattern that I am ready to follow, but at some point there is just something that tells me that I need to change a bit. My crocheting is not going to be “just” like the pattern, I to want to make a little twist to it just to make it fit my personality or the person I’m making it for. I found a place where I can honor my mother by making beautiful things either for myself or for others. I have, like her, found the joy in giving something away that I made and are proud of.

The feeling a finished project gives

I have with this CAL learned a greater understanding of what my mother felt when she poured her heart into those flower arrangements and everything else she did.

My only regret is that I didn’t take up crochet years ago. I learned it when I was in my early teens, but I never really found the joy in it until I was 30 year old. ☺

I would have loved to share all this with my mother – but now I can say I crochet because of her and that though is nice to have with me. Now that I can’t have her with me.

Again I’ll like to thank Scheepjes for making this CAL and of course a great thanks to the designer behind it all. You can read much more on the CAL that Scheepjes made in 2016, here.

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