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Bookmarks are always a great gift. Most people read at some point. Bookmakes are a easy way to make something personal for the receiver. If i’m given a wish list I normally find a thing or two that can be translated into a pattern or ide to a crochet thing. I made this camera a few times now.

I made this camera bookmake the first time for a 8 year old boys birthday. On his with list was different equipment for cameras and filming. Since i’m not the most technical person when it come to cameras and filming I thought it was best to give him the money so he can go buy what he needs and wants.

Therefore the idea to the bookmark.

My pattern for the camera:

Hook 3 mm. using gray, black and a very small amount of white.

  1. Ch 37
  2. 1 hdc in the third stitch from the hook and hdc in every stitch all the way back. (35)
  3. ch 2, 1 hdc in every stitch. (35)
  4. Change color – ch 2, 1 hdc with the black in every stitch (35)
  5. make 5 black rows in hdc
  6. Change color – ch 1, 1 cdc with gray in every stitch (35)
  7. ch 2, 1 hdc in every stitch.
  8. ch 2, 2 hdc in gray. Change color to white 4 hdc, 1 hdc in gray.
  9. fasten off and sew all ends in.
  10. Slip stitch the black into the side of the camera.at the bottom of the last black row. Ch as many as you like, I used 47 on this one.
  11. 1 hdc in the third stitch from the hook and hdc in every stitch all the way back.
  12. fasten off and sew in ends.
  13. ch 20 or what fits you camera. Sc as many stitches you can into the ring. Close the ring with a slip stitch and fasten off.
  14. Sew the ring on to the camera. top and bottom of the ring should be at the age of the gray rows on the camera.

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