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A crochet monkey

The Patterns story

This monkey have been the talk of the crocheting community in Denmark for a few years now and I have wanted to make the Kay Bojesen Monkey for some time now. This monkey really became popular a few years back when Laerke from http://kreaposen.blogspot.dk/  made a crochet version of the original wooden monkey by Kay Bojesen.

Laerke has been so kind to let me translate the pattern for you and I hope you all will love it as much as the Danish crocheting people dose.

On Laerkes page you can find Danish version of the pattern on the Monkey: http://kreaposen.blogspot.dk/2014/04/kay-bojesen-abe-2.html together with a lot of inspiration to different colors of the beautiful monkey.

Laerke is very creative when it comes to crocheting, Knitting and sewing. Just take an inspiration trip on her page. ☺

The rules

Before you start on this pattern you have to read this:

The pattern is ONLY for private use. You are not to sell the pattern or the finished product. The Danish company Rosendahl that makes the wooden monkey under the name “Kay Bojesens abe” has the copyright to this design. Therefore this rules. If you make the monkey you are welcome to post pictures with #mitkayBojesen

Here in Denmark the Kay Bojesen wood figures has been very popular since 1930 where the designer Kay Bojesen make the first wood figures. A special the monkey have been popular. When Kay Bojesens store in Copenhagen closed back in 1990 the production of the wooden figures stopped.

Kay Bojesens grandkids have now re-launched the wooden figures together with Rosendahl in the spirit of Kay Bojesen. This re-launch as make the wooden figures even more popular and almost all of the figures that has been re-launched is made in a crocheted or knitted version.

Rosendahl has made this possible with the permission of this pattern of the money where you can make it for yourself, but you are NOT allowed to sell the pattern or the finished product.

Please find the english version of the pattern here. Crochet Monkey Pattern

The english pattern is a translation of Laerkes danish version frem http://kreaposen.blogspot.dk/

My version of the Monkey:

I have used the pattern from Laerkes page, I have however used 3 threads to make the monkey bigger. This can be a bit easier because the arms and legs of the monkey are very thin. (only 10 single crochet stitches in every round)

Use this link to use one ball of yarn to make 3 threads. Super easy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tieArIwQ9Vk

For the monkey to be able to hang in one arm you’ll need to put a piece of metal wire in the arms and legs this can be a bit tricky if you don’t do as the parttern explains. 🙂

Mounting the arms and legs

On one of my legs I crouched the whole leg and forgot to pull the tail out at the bottom of the foot on the right side, so having to sew the metal wire in place at the bottom of the foot. I had to turn the leg inside out. This can not be recommended 🙂 Is was very hard to get the leg right side out again. I don’t even think this will bee possible if you only make it with one thread. ☺

The other leg I only crouched about 5 row and the sewed in the metal wire in before continuing crocheting, but that wasn’t easy either. The metal wire was always in the way of my fingers. ☺ And I can only imagine how much the metal wire will be in the way if you make the “small” (normal) version.

I will therefore recommend to remember to pull the tail out as the parttern says end this will by far be the best way to sew the metal wire in place.

For the mounting the legs, I closed off the legs as the pattern suggested and left a long thread. I then sewed the legs into the body of the monkey, when only half done with the body and tied a knot. That didn’t really hold it as tight as I wanted it. So I sewed a thread from one side through both legs and body, tightening it a bit, I tied a knot on the outside of the leg. I then hid the knot behind the stitches in the leg. This worked really well for me.

I know there are a lot of others that are using puch-button eyes for this, which should be a lot easier to mount. I only think the Puch-button eyes will work on the single thread size monkey.

On the arms I remembered to pull out the tail and this made it SO much easier to sew the metal wire in place. I fasten the arms with a thread going from one siden, through both arms and body and back. Then i tightened the thread and tried a knot and hid it.

I chose not to put on the stomach, it seemed to big or out off place.

Love mrsC

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