Clothing · March 2017

Make your own Jacket.


I know I have been very quiet the last month, but ALL of my ongoing projects right now are gifts for later in the year, so right now I can’t shere anything with you guyes. SORRY..!!
I promis that i’ll have some thing good for you later this month, if the promission to transalte will come through. I’m just waiting fo the all approval, so hopefully I’ll have something great for you at the end of this month.
So please be patient with me and enjoy this jacket in the meantime.. 🙂

The Jacket

In the meantime you can take a look at this CAL (Crochet a long) that I was a part of last year. I was on the danich translation team and I still have a dream of making it at some day.

It is not the hardest pattern to follow. You make four small granny squares and one big that then is sewed together and then you crochet the bottom.

Hope you’ll like it as much ad I loved translation the pattern.

Garden Party Jacket CAL – Part 4: Peplum, Edge, & Finishing

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