Blankets · February 2017

Baby Blanket

As I mentioned earlier I have a several project going on at the same time. Witch also is one of the reasons that it takes me a very long time something too get one project done. ☺

The requests

Last fall I had a collogue asked me to make a little something for her, her friend was having twins and she wanted to give them something. I quickly made two pairs of small boothies for her, but I went a little overboard because I suddenly wanted to make blankets for her as well, but make two in that small amount of time that I had was a little overkill.
My colleague ended up with the boothies and I kept making the two blankets that I had started..

The granny striped blanket

The one blanket I made with granny strips in three colors. The granny strips are reasonable fast to make, but it does get a bit tedious after some time.

The first 18 rows, I made color chance after every 2nd rows, so that I got 3×2 rows in each color. After that I chanced color every 4th row. I made 72 rows where I chanced color every 4th row, and then again chance back to, color chance after every two rows (18 rows).

The blanket didn’t reach the wanted length so I made a border. I just continued the pattern around the blanket. I made one row in each color. I didn’t feel like it looked done, so I decided to make one last round with the
white so my border ended up in 4 rounds with the two last ones being the same color.

The blanket measures about 100×100 cm. I only used cotton yarn (4/8 from Soesterne Grene) I used about 4 (50 g = 160 Meters) balls of yarn in each color.


The Virus blanket

The second blanket I started was a pattern from a video I’ll seen on You tube the pattern is called Virus and the video I used is this one:

The pattern is again reasonable fast to make when you “cracked the code”. The Virus blanket is 4 rows that you keep one repeating until you have the wanted size.

I also used 3 colors for this one.  A pink, a purple and white. I believe I used about the same amount for this blanket then I did the Granny striped blanket, but I really don’t know.
I ran out of the colors and had to ask around on Facebook to find more of the same colors.
The purple I bought through Facebook wasn’t completely the same purple as I had started with but the finished blanket look really good. Considering the setbacks I had in the proces
of making it I realy love the end result of both blankets.




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