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Charity and scrap yarn

I have a lot of left over yarn and I have for a long time wanted to do something with it. In the beginning of last year I started a C2C (coner2Coner) blanket with it, but I must say the thought of it never ending doesn’t really appeal to me so I got the idea to save it and use it for charity.

I was looking around on Pinterest (not for anything specific) and I found a Danish site called where they make small octopuses and jellyfish for the 16 different neonatal units in Denmark.

Different charitys

There are a lot of different charity programs for the hospitals here in Denmark, on Facebook there are a group called “skadestuebamsen” (ER teddy bear), or “trøstemus” (comfort mouse) where you can crochet a teddy bear or a little mouse for the different ER unites. They have different patterns that you can use or you can make one on your own.


What appealed to me about the octopuses and the jellyfish is that it can be made with scrap yarn, and they are really fast made.

The two on the picture I made this weekend and I have one more half done on just three evenings. So they are small projects that I can make when I don’t really know what to crochet (I do run out of ideas from time to time) or don’t feel link doing any of my already ongoing projects.
And I love that it will go to some VERY small baby’s that really needs them. 🙂

You can read much more on the webpage and I know this is starting to spread to other countries so you can propably find a charity near tou.

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