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After making a pillow for my mother in law for her birthday in October she asked for one more for Christmas. As I mentioned earlier my December was pretty packed with crocheting projects. 🙂

I didn’t get the pillow finished for Christmas, but she knows that i’m making something for her and that it is on the its way. I finally finished it on new years eve. (had some spare time this year, because I didn’t have to make the dinner my self – long live take out)

The pillow I make back i October was from a pattern I found on a Danish site

I liked making it, but really hated assembling it, so i didn’t want to make on just like it. I wanted something different but again similar.

I hate assembling as in really hat it, so I always look for a way to make everything without having to assemble. My idea to begin with was making it as one piece and then have color chance make the pattern om the pillow. I realized that I had to juggle a lot of yarn bobbies if that was going to happen. Having to juggle all the bobbies I realized that I wasn’t able to make all the other Christmas gifts if I did it that way.

So again I had to give in and make a pattern where I end up assembling smaller pieces. 🙂

The idea I had was of square or rectangle of some sort. I didn’t want it to look as the first pillow I make so I came up with a rectangle that I then would assemble.

The pattern

Each rectangle is made like this:

  1. Ch 31
  2. In 2nd ch from hook make 1 sc, make 1 sc in each st. (30)
  3. ch 1 (to turn), increase once, 27 sc and then decrease (30)
  4. ch 1 (to turn) decrease once, 27 sc and then increase (30)
  5. Repeat 3 and 4 until you have your amount of rows – I made 15 row in all and ended up in the same side as I begun. (30)
  6. Close off and make the next one.

For this pillow (50×50 cm from Ikea) I used 56 rectangles in 8 different colors. I used 100% cotton (4/8 cotton) and a hook size 3 mm.

I crochet the rectangles together with sc, I joint 8 rectangles on the long side and 7 rectangles in hight, make the pillow case long enough to rap around the pillow with a overlap. The overlap makes it possible to take off the cover and wash it and I don’t have to saw in buttons or sipper. 🙂

For the assemble I just used one of the colors that I’ll used for one of the rectangles, when you crochet things like this together it will be possible to see the stitches from the front. It can therefore be a good idea to make a test of what you like. Somethings it looks better with a totally different color as contrast to your pattern.

Love MrsC

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