Blankets · January 2017

New year resolution

I normally make a lot of new year resolutions every year, but this year have been different in so many ways. Crocheting has become such a big part of me and I can be at work just looking forward to the evening with my yarn.


This year I have ONLY made 1 resolution and that is to finish my big blanket “Last Dance on the Beach” from

I have for some time now only been missing 3 squares. But the pattern for this 3 has really not been a pattern that I liked to make. 🙁 You are sitting with a pattern at LOOKS wounderful but it was for me a pattern at tog forever to make.)

I therefore have decide to make my ovn pattern for this last 3 squares so that I kan get done with it. I’m on my last square right now, so I’m still hopeful that this resolution is one I can keep.
I have taken the “basket weave” pattern but instead of making the little squares witch the basket weave gives I have just made stripes out of it.

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